Beautifully designed, theft & weather proof Parcel Boxes FREE UK DELIVERY




Have you noticed how everybody orders almost everything online these days? As a result of the sheer parcel delivery volume so many parcels go missing, small, medium, large parcels, they just seem to vanish into thin air.  At Loxybox Parcel Boxes we recognised parcel disappearance as a major problem here in the UK and beyond. Our research suggests it's 25 million parcels going missing every single day!  Why is this happening?  Well mainly because people have lives! We cant afford to stay in all day waiting for parcels, some never get collected from depots, some end up at the wrong address and almost certainly a good proportion of parcels are stolen.  This is bad news for the consumer, bad news for the courier companies and even worse news for the retailers who usually have to cover the cost/loss unless its insured.

Online shopping now continues to thrive and more and more parcels are being distributed, however the solutions remain few and far between.  Sure there are parcel & mailboxes but very few are fit for purpose, LoxyBox has been carefully designed to overcome the common problems.  A LoxyBox installation now means...

  • You can stop relying upon your neighbours for all of your small, medium & large parcels. 
  • You no longer need to take precious annual leave and days off to sit at home waiting for your parcel.  
  • You can stop making unnecessary trips to local parcel collection centers  in your spare time and days off. 
  • You can stop worrying about your parcel being stolen !

The LoxyBox parcel box is big enough to store almost every parcel, is durable to last, is compeltely weatherproof.  The loxybox parcel box has a cleverly designed steel anti-theft drop flap, this means that once your parcel goes into the LoxyBox it's not coming out until YOU GET HOME!  

Our boxes look great on the outside and  store big on the inside !  A whopping 24 litres in fact.  

With a two year parts and replacement guarantee and a 14 day peace of mind money back no quibble purchase promise you cannot lose!

You can rest assured that this is the ultimate in secure, weatherproof parcel storage and protection.  There is not a letterbox, parcelbox, mailbox anywhere on the market that can claim to have such value for money.  You will find letterboxes, you will find parcelboxes but you will need a key to open them and a key to drop the parcels inside. With loxybox you simply do not need that, with the built in anti-theft drop flap parcels stay safe and wait for you to get home.